The Monthly Midgard Fanfiction Contest, is a on-going contest, held each month. One winner is selected from the entries. You are invited to help judge and host the next contest, and are given a banner announcing your win on your User Page. Will also be on the Home Page.

Theme for MayEdit

Theme for May: None

Word Count: Over 1,000 words (not letters)

Amount of characters: At least 2 characters

Due: Post your Fanfiction to this page: Entries


The results will be posted on the Home Page, and on the winning Users Page, along with the next months theme. Thank you for your patience and good luck!


  1. No sexual or seductive activity (Romantic themes are allowed, but nothing explicit.) 
  2. No spamming a page and entering it (Immediate Block)
  3. Must be turned in by the required date (mentioned above)
  4. The written by page, must be linked to your User Page. (Ask an administrator for help if needed.) 
  5. The title of the story, must link to your actual stories page

Ex. Story written by ExampleUser

Failure to do any of the above will result in a disqualification, and your story will be deleted!