My name is Conner. Conner Bryant, to be more explicit. I've got your typical messy brown hair and brown eyes. Nothing special about me, I'm your average guy that you would go to school with. You might utter a "hello" or "sup" but that's about all the conversation I get from strangers. Not that your a stranger. After I tell my story, you'll know more about me then I know about myself. That's weird. But the thing is, I need to tell you this story, otherwise the fate of the world will die out. Someone needs to remember, in order for this to work. I just pray you'll read this in time. If not... I don't like to think on the negative side. Keep reading. Fast, time is running out. Or as my trainer would say "Time is of the essence." 

It started on a Monday, two weeks ago now.  The whole day started out as normal as it can get. My alarm that sat on top of my night table started shaking and blasting "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons. I'd rolled over, blinking the sleep from my eyes as I slammed the snooze button on the clock down. 

"Monday," I remember muttering to myself with disgust as I shoved my lumpy gray mattress back and clambered out of bed. The room was still pretty dark, it was only 6 A.M in the morning. Usually, I took a quick jog then came back and went to school. After school was some sort of sport that I would sit on the bench for the entire practice then come back home at about 6 P.M. So much for a routine, since I only managed to get half of a morning run in.